Just Launched - Brilliant Nutrition

Brilliant Nutrition, a brand new eCommerce website selling nutritional supplements, has just launched and ZByte Software is proud to have been a part of the team that brought the site to life. Working under Magelssen Media, ZByte provided web development services, creating a custom Wordpress theme from Sarah Magelssen's designs.

Brilliant Nutrition's product line consists of vitamins and mineral supplements, sold in supplement packs tailored around specific customer needs. So, if you're shopping for mineral supplements head on over to the site and check it out!

Development challenges on the site included integrating with a custom 3rd party cart solution, and customizing the Wordpress theme (mostly via page templates and custom post types) to create an easily maintainable website. The awesome flower navigation on the sites home page, was also a bit tricky to implement in a cross-browser friendly way. We created a javascript/jQuery solution, ensuring that the sites dynamic features work well across devices that don't support Flash (like the iPad and iPhone).


Just Launched - DC Electro Bikes

DC Electro Bikes WebsiteDC Electro is an Albuquerque startup which makes awesome, high-performance electric bikes. We worked with them to create a simple one page site, while their full-site is under development. Check it out, and while you're at it, read some of the great press they've already received.

The full site should be launching before long, featuring a sleek design and some nice interactive features to show off their electric bikes.  


Welcome Javier and Zerek to the ZByte Team

ZByte is pleased to welcome Zerek Welz and Javier Romero to the ZByte team. With the additions of these two outstanding web developers, ZByte stands better positioned to execute our and our clients' plans for world domination and stratospheric business success.

For more info on the these new team members, checkout the bios on our about page.


Seeking Talented Web Developer

We have posted a job opening for a web developer. If you are interested in working for a growing web development/design company, like challenging and interesting work, and are great at what you do, please apply.

Or if you know someone who fits the bill, please send them our way. We would love to talk with them.


claimMYrun is live

claimMYrun is live, so get out your helmet cam, hit the slopes, post your footage and start claiming some runs!

claimMYrun let's users post videos of every run of every mountain in the USA, on interactive trail maps and backcountry maps. Become an Amigo, and store and share your videos on your profile page. 

Browse killer ski and snowboard videos, organized by region, mountain, trail, category and more. Or scout a mountain before your next ski trip, getting a point-of-view look at what you might ride. 

ZByte is proud to be the web-development team for claimMYrun, working closely with Brett, Woody, Randall and the rest of the claimMYrun team to help bring this vision to reality. Keep an eye out for constant improvements and new features as the site evolves to meet the needs of it's growing user-base.